Why BYOD is good for your Business?

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Why BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Makes Sense for Today’s Top Companies.

Communication departments around the world and sparks fires of discussion all over the Internet. If you’re one of those people who’ve lost sleep pondering this very topic, then this is the blog for you.

For companies with high numbers of non-desk workers, the discussion around BYOD is especially important. Allowing a remote workforce to use their personal mobile devices provides a means for enabling companies to bridge the sometimes wide communication gap between desk-bound employees and their non-desk counterparts. But is it really a good idea to allow private devices at work? 
Aren’t they a distraction?

Flexibility is one of the key factors for employee happiness.

BYOD is part of workplace flexibility, which millennials in particular value as being one of the key factors leading to job satisfaction. Workplace flexibility in general increases loyalty, high morale, and employee engagement. Personnel who are allowed to decide on the tools they use and choose where they use them have a greater work–life balance and are, as a result, not only more productive but also less likely to take sick days or leave the company.

How can this be done across devices. One Word. The Cloud. With advances in the Cloud Synchronism, your devices can stream data across each other without missing a beat. Example Anthe Solutions (www.anthesolutions.com), Google Drive (www.google.com) and DropBox (www.dropbox.com). Companies like these can add value across your devices and weave your data together nicely.

Two Points to Consider:

Security: Measures must be taken in order to avoid unnecessary security risks. Ask your IT department and set guidelines for password protections, user session times, and rules for downloading attachments or pictures. Also consider limiting access to company data and carefully consider the content you make available.

Risks and liabilities: Make it clear from the start that employees are expected to use their devices ethically, and that disciplinary actions can be taken for noncompliance with company policies.

All in All (BYOD) is a good thing. People are used to using applications now, rather than browser-based solutions. By giving employees what they want, companies will ultimately benefit.”


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