Advanced Networks & Ubiquiti Unifi products support Classic Cosmetics Inc and their mission to improve the Cosmetics Industry and Manufacturing. One good example of an amazing network infrastructure on the wireless domain
is the UniFi Mesh deployment at the Manufacturing 3 building Warehouse Facility stretching over a 4 block radius in Chatsworth CA. Located 32 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles, the plant includes 3 facilities and support offices. Almost 170,000 total square footage occupied by 3 buildings and over 300 staff plus 100 administration and staff personnel.


Previously, the facility ran two major wireless networks, each managed by a Wi-Fi controller device. When one of the
two Wi-Fi controller devices died in September 2012, the Technology & Information Services team realized that they
couldn t afford to replace the controller with the same product due to budgetary constraints. Instead, they looked for a more
affordable alternative.

The team heard about Fiber lines and ran one across the building, realizing this was not entirely giving them what they had before, they looked for an alternative. Advanced Networks brought in Ubiquiti Unifi after careful evaluation, including its software-based controller capabilities. The Advanced Networks team used the UniFi Access Points (APs) in a pilot program at the middle of quarantine area building with the highest wireless density. They started with a 3-pack of UniFi APs. Within an hour, the Advanced Networks team installed and configured the UniFi APs, which quickly came online.
Overall, it took less than $1500 USD to deploy 20 UniFi APs at the entire facility. After three months, the deployment was
deemed a success, and the team began deploying UniFi at the secondary and third facility.

Because of Advanced Networks Quick Thinking and UniFi s impressive price point, we can afford better coverage: one AP for every 2 to 3 office spaces, instead of 4-5 rooms, even during the worst budget times. Classic Cosmetics Administration