Natural Green and Landscape is the Ventura County’s largest privately owned independent landscaping firm. NGL dedicated team of management and associates + extensive partners within California, providing unparalleled access across our golden state. NGL was using notepads and emails to send data with their associates in the field back and forth daily. They turned to Advanced Networks for a solution that can unify their data across areas both near and far. Advanced Networks introduced them to Anthe Solutions, An online File Sharing Private Business Network
to allow the company to share data across any platform at any time. This became their single solution to address new mobility requirements and allow easy and secure file sharing with their staff and clientele.


Thanks to the Advanced Networks’ Anthe Solutions ShareFile System. NGL employees were able to access data not only through browser and mobile apps but also through a normal network drive, and were able to upload files by drag and drop.

The professional encryption of the documents and configurable access rights guarantee data security. Automatic synchronization allows all employees involved in a project to access the current version of important files at all times, even in time-critical situations.

When writing an email, the Outlook plugin automatically adds the attachments to the Anthe ShareFile account and creates a link where the recipient can easily download the files. That means sending even large CAD files through the standard mail environment is no problem.

With the Request a file function, NGL employees can invite external partners to add files directly to a specific ShareFile folder.

The fast and simple exchange of data is critical to the success of our projects. With Advanced Networks’ Anthe ShareFile, we are at least twice as efficient as before and can provide all our partners with the information they need at any time. -NGL Ventura Office Administrator