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Should You Care About Your Online Reputation?

If you own a business like we all do and have an online presence such as a Website, Social Media, LinkedIn, Yelp and even as simple as a blog for your company, this is an article to read. Just one negative article, whether it is accurate or not, can have a massive effect on the success of your business. According to a Harvard Business School Study: a one-star rating decrease can reduce revenues by 10%.

Business owners can spend years developing a strong and reputable brand, but a poor online presence can instantly tear all of that hard work apart. With so many forums, review sites, news sites and social media sites out there, it can be tough to keep up with what consumers are saying about your company. However, it is crucial to your business’s success to stay informed by practicing smart, effective reputation management.

1. Your Brand

The most important KEY for your business is your REPUTATION. The first step in preventing a reputation crisis is developing a reputation management action plan which can consist of figuring out where you are on the cloud. Make a list of all your outlets: Website, Social Media Feeds, Domain Names you buy, even as simple as a Google Search on your business name. Now, determine the risk factors and identifying any undesired information within your search results. Review any negative marks, comments or reviews by anyone and see why this is the case. The Best way to overcome this is to always promote, and protect your business brand today and tomorrow.

2. Should I Suppress Negative Comments

NO. Your negative comments will go away only if you address them. Best advice is contact the person or company that put those comments there. There could be a resolution. That being said, Good Comments and Positive Feedback do outweigh the bad. Get others to give you positive feedback on your brand or product to succeed. Regarding any negative comments, respond publicly so others see you are trying to resolve any matters.

3. Promote

Always, always, always Promote your websites and social media accounts just like you would your physical business. It is very important to know how what online platforms you add your business to and promote your business on. It is one thing to have a presence, but if you are engaging with your customers and sharing the correct information, you will see much greater results. Our experienced branding your business it to always Monitor, Review, Engage and Write accurate, search engine optimized articles, press releases, website landing pages and social media pages to build your online image and promote your business brand for all to trust.


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