Can I Trust My Business On The Cloud?

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1. Always Accessible

Ease of access is one of the biggest benefits to having your company’s data in the cloud. Access to your data anytime/anywhere. Having your company data in the cloud means you don’t need to waste time with virtual tunnels to your information.

2. Data is More Secure Than You Realize

The Cloud is all about replication. Your data on the cloud is actually housed on massive servers in several geographic locations around the country, maintained by industry leaders like Amazon – and they all talk to each other – which means that your data can essentially never get lost, or deleted.

3. Storage Space is Growing

The beauty of the cloud is that it’s infinitely scalable. Say you currently use 1 gig of storage, and by next year you need 2 gigs – that’s ok! When you’re talking about data storage, you can always use more, and oftentimes you get better pricing for the larger amounts of online storage. Not so with physical files.

4. Maintenance is Included

Your data service provider, manages daily maintenance, make updates and roll out new features, it’s a no-brainer. You data is always taken care of

5. Always Backed Up

1 Copy, 5 Copies, 10 Copiers, with data synchronization your data is always backed up in hundreds of secure servers daily


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